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About Us
Shenzhen Timewaying TechnologyCo.,Ltd(Timewaying)was founded in January 2011.It holds the transformation of ?Made in China?to?Created by China?as its mission and integrates resources from innovative technology and culture industry by utilizing comprehensive upgrades to the movie and TV industry.It offers customers the latest technology for enjoying movies and TV while excellently combining profound culture with innovative technology. After years of development,Website:, Timewaying has become one of leading producers of 3D equipment for cinemas with the self-developed 3D ?FREEDEO? series and the 3D ?Aishang Yunying? series.The company insists on independent research and development,which makes it the only domestic company possessing essential 3D technology patents.The company has also obtained a number of national patent certificates by FCC,CE,ISO9001,etc. Timewaying?is?committed?to?providing?services?globally?to?high-end?cinemas.It ?sells?products?at?home?and?abroad?with?strict?quality?control.Products?are?sold?and?used?in?China,India,Russia,Australia,and?other?counties?or?regions.The?products?enjoy? over?50%?of?the?market?share?in?China.The?company?gives?priority?to?technology?and?quality?as?well?as?constantly?improving?the?performance?of every detail.This ensures that each component has a better performance than that of its competitors.With a customer-oriented principle,the company optimizes the process of service and advances the quality of service to satisfy its customers fully. Timewaying works responsibly,valuably,cooperatively,and innovatively as required by its core values and seeks to establish win-win processes for the entire cinema industry.Based on powerful research,efficient management,quality service,and proper market strategies,Timewaying increasingly attracts partners within the 3D industry to create value for the 3D cinema industry.
Products and services
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